Engineered to Perform™

DermaBlade blade design at AccuTec Blades

Not All Blades Are Created Equal

Manufacturing high performance blades is a craft: blade quality depends on the quality of the raw material, the engineering of coatings and edges, and the skill of the craftsman. In the end, the real test is how the blade performs on the job at hand.

“Engineered to Perform” is the commitment that underlies everything we do—from front office to loading platform.

Quality assurance machine at AccuTec Blades

Consistent performance means less down time.

There’s a direct relationship between blade performance and bottom line. Manufacturing productivity means keeping operations running smoothly by minimizing blade changes. Sustained cutting quality and reduced retooling equals less waste and higher yields. Our customers have told us time and again that the AccuTec blade makes all the difference in the efficiency of their operations.

It all comes down to reliability.

Reliable engineering. Reliable products. Reliable customer service.  From the front office to the loading dock, from concept to the production line, AccuTec delivers products that perform at the highest level. It’s a promise we make to ourselves and a promise we deliver on for our customers.