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DermaBlade® Biopsy Punch 5.0MM

DermaBlade® Biopsy Punch 5.0MM

Part No. 77-0150-0000

Sterile, Disposable, 5.0MM

  • Seamless stainless steel sharp cutting edge.

  • Ribbed handle for sure grip & control.

  • Size embossed on each punch for easy identification.

  • Sterile and ready to use.

Core Brand: DermaBlade

Application: BiopsyDermatologyMedicalMedical DistributionSurgical

Blade/Tool Type: Dermal Excision

Product Description

When you need to take minimally invasive, small samples quickly, the biopsy punch is the right choice. The biopsy punch is a hand held, pencil-shaped instrument with a slender, pencil-like body. It is lightweight with a hollow, circular, stainless steel, cutting tip.

Additional Info

Blade MaterialStainless Steel
Tool MaterialHigh Impact Plastic



Individually Wrapped